Dance Studio Review: Domus Danza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 3, 2011 § 4 Comments

Tacuari 477 at Venezuela
Barrio: San Telmo/Monserrat
Subte: Independencia
4334 6379

Yes! WOOD FLOORS! And great teachers….who teach in flip-fops and jeans :O) They can still do 4 pirouettes in flip-flops, it is incredible.

Another great thing is the price. You can buy an ‘abono mensual’ (monthly pass) choosing 1, 2, 3, or 4 classes a week. I buy the 3 classes a week pass, so I get 12 classes a month for 260 pesos (currently about $65 US)….that works out to less than $5.50 US a class! A one time drop-in class is 40 pesos, or $10 US.

This is my favorite adult ballet school in Buenos Aires. And my second favorite in the world. Alas, it is hard to beat the dilapidated Centre de la Danse du Marais in Paris when doing dance studio reviews.

Sala 1:

Sala 2:


I have only taken classes with Rita Caride and Nadia Freedom, as I arrived in Buenos Aires during the vacation season (December through March). The other two teachers, Nora Fuentes and Alejandro Totti, were not giving classes during this time.


Rita Caride : intermediate/advanced ballet.

Maestra Rita is Vaganova trained, but also studied extensively in France to receive her license to teach ballet. The good thing about that is all teachers who complete their studies in this French system learn everything there is to know about anatomy. She is a little ball of fire, so tiny, muscular and enthusiastic. It is adorable on hot days, she has her little hand held fan and teaches in flipflops or espadrilles.

As far as her teaching style, definitely an anatomical approach, but not without soul. She always reminds us to ‘sube,’ to pull up, go up. The most important thing that she always emphasizes is to keep the trunk/torso stable and strong but at the same time to go all out and move at 100%. Her classes have very devoted followers, as I also go to other teachers’ classes at Domus but never see Rita’s students there!

Another VERY nice thing about Rita’s classes is that we take time to really stretch. We spend about 10 to 15 minutes each class doing various stretching exercises (some of them super hard!). This is great for anyone, like me, who is lazy and will not spend time to stretch on his or her own ;o).

Also, for the allegro portions of the class, she provides 2 combination possibilities: one for the more advanced students and one for the less advanced (the ‘jardin de niños’ as she says hehe).

Petit and grand allegro in all of Rita’s classes.

Nadia Freedom : intermediate ballet.

Nadia is a little ball of fire too! Vaganova trained also. When you go to her classes, you always feel special afterwards hehe. She calls everyone ‘linda’ and points out the things you do well. She is very much into anatomy like Rita, but also into artistic details. Small things like always looking at your palm when your arms are in 2nd and doing battement fondu; and inclining your head and arching your back when doing battement fondu en arriere. Beauty really is a matter of details and millimeters.
Her classes are called ‘intermediate’ but I think they are slower than Rita’s, perhaps it would be more accurate to call them ‘Advanced Beginning.’

Petit and grand allegro in all of Nadia’s classes.


I highly recommend Rita and Nadia at Domus for adult ballet classes in Buenos Aires.

The Fundacion Julio Bocca in El Centro Cultural Borges was a disappointment however so I will not write a dance studio review. The floor panels were coming apart, the tape was coming off which is super-annoying as your feet stick to the adhesive residue! This is dangerous for turns, hello sprained ankle.


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§ 4 Responses to Dance Studio Review: Domus Danza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • O. Baylis says:

    This looks like a romantic place to take ballet classes.
    I am looking for a spot for my 14 year old daughter, June-September. We would like to be in a Spanish speaking country. The classes/ program will be a substitute for the intensive summer programs in the states, such as ABT. She is a strong dancer, been en pointe a little over two years. Any thoughts? Would this studio have anything appropriate?
    The idea is that my daughter could pick up some Spanish during the visit. Thanks.

    • balletcougar says:

      June to September in Argentina is not summer, it is winter. So I am not sure if there are ‘winter intensives’ there that cover vacation dates. Did you look on the website? As far as I know, Domus is not geared toward pre-professionals.
      Also, I think checking out the ballet school at the Teatro Colon might be a good idea as well, as they certainly have an ‘academic’ ballet program being that they are Argentina’s national ballet.

  • Therese Tan says:

    Hi Jacki, I’m so happy to have chanced upon your blog. I’m around your age and am still loving ballet. I’ll be visiting Buenos Aires sometime March next year. I would love to correspond with you further about your experience there. I’m from Malaysia, and don’t speak much Spanish. Do you think it would be difficult for me to follow the classes there at Domus Danza? I learnt English style ballet, and was really excited when I read that the teachers you had were Vaganova based. Look forward to hear from you soon. Cheers, Therese

  • […] take a ballet class: This is something I’d like to do in every city I visit, though it’s not always feasible—ballet studios with daily, open classes for adults don’t exist everywhere in the world. (I couldn’t find one in either city I visited in Guatemala, nor in La Paz, Bolivia.) But it looks like I won’t have too much trouble finding a studio in BA. […]

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