Dance Studio Review: Pro-Stage, Kreuzberg, Berlin

May 3, 2011 § 4 Comments

U-Bahn: U7 or U8, Hermannplatz

Urbanstrasse 71
10967 Berlin

+49 30/61209261

(note: the review below is of the old studio on Mehringdamm; once I take a class in the NEW finished Urbanstrasse studio I will update! I did take the very first class in the new studio, but the construction was not yet complete so I can’t give a fair observation of the space.)

Pros: nice morning classes to start your day/Matthew/bright unobstructed studio/great price

Cons: studio is a little small (see note above)/not a lot of variety in teaching styles

Teacher: Matthew Thomas- English National Ballet

I can only say good things about Pro-Stage, really. Matthew Thomas is the main ballet teacher and teaches 4 days a week. I wish there were other classes to take, but I think the studio is starting out and still operating on a small scale. The only bad thing is that the studio is kind of small, but Matthew seems to create the combinations with that in mind (contretemps!) so it really isn’t an issue. Plus the prices are reasonable. 7 euro to try any class for the 1st time, then 9 euro after.

Matthew places a lot of emphasis on what your head is doing, where it is carrying you, what it is saying to the ‘audience.’ He plays only classical music (yay!), and pays attention to what students are doing and corrects us individually. I love his classes and his focus on presenting yourself to the audience, and his combinations are pretty and classical. As far as the feeling, Matthew is really relaxed and welcoming, and quite a joker. Luckily now I live closer to the studio  so it is now my main place for dance. I take his 11 am class on Monday and Thursday (intermediate & intermediate-advanced).


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§ 4 Responses to Dance Studio Review: Pro-Stage, Kreuzberg, Berlin

  • Johanna says:


    Just discovered your blog one someone else´s blogroll :)

    I have actually been to this studio, some 3 years ago when I was visiting Berlin. Took one class with Matthew and liked it.. It was a pretty advanced level, lots of challenging center stuff. Would have liked to try out another class, but there was no time. By the way, Matthew also teaches at Tanz Etage, which has bigger studios and more variety.

    I´m hoping to travel to Berlin again later this year. Love the city! Last times I´ve been to Marameo, great morning pro classes. Huge studio, but sometimes as many as 40 dancers!

  • balletcougar says:

    hey johanna! thank you for the info about Tanz-Etage….though I tried to navigate their website to find the ballet classes but to no avail :/ I will ask Matthew about it. I am back in Berlin (yay) and taking classes at Pro Stage pretty much exclusively, his 11 am classes. It is the closest to my house plus I like the unobstructed studio (boo Dock 11).
    Oh my, my friend who is in the Joffrey Ballet School and who is living here currently (on a break) takes classes sometimes at Marameo….I think I would be too intimidated! But you mention a huge studio…..hmmm, so tempting! What do you think of the class level? How long have you been doing ballet?

  • Johanna says:


    Oh dear, I meant of course Tanz-Fabrik, not -Etage! Sorry.. Much easier to find the classes here:

    I so wish I could be in Berlin right now.. Sitting outside somewhere, maybe by the Spree, sipping a cold one :)

    Marameo´s morning classes are pro-level, and while the barre is not so complicated, center can be really challenging. If you check out Marameo´s page, they have video clips of both Mota´s and Bauchman´s classes!

    I have been dancing for some 17 years, but started really late at 21. Now I take class about 3-4 times per week, and my level is probably somewhere between intermediate and advanced, depending on the teacher and the day ;)

    I write a blog about it, if you want to check it out:

    • balletcougar says:

      Hi Johanna! Ah yes, the 1st time I took Matthew’s class it was at Tanzfabrick. Ugh, I remember it well as it was summer and you know they aren’t allowed to open the windows when the music is playing…so I got a massive heat stroke from that class! hahaha I changed to ProStage for his classes because honestly I don’t like the layout of the studio at Tanzfabrick. The mirror does not stretch the whole length of the room! grr. I did hear from a friend recently that he started using a pianist for his intermediate to profi level classes. I might go back to TF to try again, I’ll just make sure to get a good spot for center :O)

      Ugh, the weather is icky here, has been for the past month…so keep your wish to be here til next summer, hopefully we’ll have one!

      I saw the vids of Marameo’s a.m. profi classes; yes, the center looks intimidating, especially with tall really awesomely good girl on pointe featured in much of the video! :/ I think I will try the intermediate one first and see!

      I like reading your blog, keep it up!

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