Finally….the Homemade Flexistretcher

August 5, 2011 § 6 Comments

Oh dear dears, yes I know it took me  a million years to finally post the pictures of my make-your-own-Flexistretcher! You know how it is though, if you dance you are lazy about everything…except actually going to class.

So here it is, and it works! I would even wager that it gives a better stretch than the real Flexistretcher, as mine does not have elastic pieces for extra ‘give.’ Who wants slack and give anyway? You want to crank the hell out of your leg! hahaha

All I used was:

-1 red nylon band (it is actually one of those luggage straps with a combo lock buckle, which I removed): $1 at the dollar store

-2 black woven canvas/cotton belts with those ring buckles: $1 each at the thrift store

All I did was:

1. folded the red nylon band in half and sewed a loop at the apex

2. put the 2 ends of the red nylon band through the ring buckles of the belts and sewed them so they would stay put

And it works, oh my gosh…ok, I am not the 12 year old girl in the picture from my previous post, but my cheap Flexistretcher is seriously helping my arabesques! I did not make it *exactly* like the Flexistretcher, but if you want to add the shoulder harness things, all you have to do is sew a thick strong piece of elastic on each ends of what is the black strap in my version. Measure to fit your body and sew the end of the (black) strap into a loop. I find I prefer to leave it free though so I can yank my leg higher as my flexibility improves. :O)

I am going to start using it more for a la seconde, as for some reason my inner thigh hurts on my right leg when I do battements or developpes to that position. Perhaps I can crank it back into shape! hahaha!

If you have any questions or need help with how to make one for yourself, just ask!


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