Dance Studio Review: Marameo, Kreuzberg / Mitte, Berlin, Germany

September 7, 2011 § 6 Comments

Wallstrasse 32
D – 10179 Berlin
U-Bahn: U8 Heinrich-Heine Strasse or U2 Markisches Museum

Space, the final frontier….that ballet studios in Berlin have yet to conquer. Seriously, at every dance studio in Berlin, the ‘saals’ become unpleasantly crowded once attendance reaches 15. I did not realize this until I FINALLY went to the enormous, beautiful and perfect Marameo, but in these crowded dance studios, you actually train yourself to hold back, to make your movements smaller.

It is HONKIN'! I could not even get the whole studio in the photo.

I am so red and sweaty because I can actually dance at 100% at Marameo.

Want to go all out and give 100% in a small, crowded studio? Go for it, but you are going to smack someone upside the head with your jete’ entrelace’, or run into the mirror (see my review of Dock 11)

This is NOT GOOD. To train your muscles correctly and to actually dance versus doing some ‘moves,’ you need to use 100%amp; of your movement energy. I saw that I had trained myself to hold back because of most of my dance life (8 years now) has been spent in small studios.

When I take class at Marameo, I feel I can move to my full ability, really stretch my body out and use and create momentum/energy. Plainly, I dance better.

On to the information though.

Sadly, Marameo has only 2 open adult ballet classes per week, both on Friday with Chandana Hörmann. I take both of them (Intermediate/Advanced and the Beginner classes) because I want to spend as much time in this wonderful space as possible. Chandana is a clear, attentive, relaxed instructor. You can see her modern ‘bias’ in her center combinations and I have an inkling she might do some bodywork too. She does give individual corrections, yay! I like how she explains movements with a visualization angle. My developpes have gotten prettier thanks to a tip she gave me (I’ll post on that later).

There are professional classes 7 days a week in the morning, but those seem pretty intimidating. I watched a video of their grand allegro on their website, it look super-fast!  You are welcome to try them, but Chandana informed me that sometimes they have to ask non-professionals to leave as the classes are very crowded. This is not snobbery; rather, the class is for professionals at a special price and they do not want to risk having people in there who cannot keep up, therefore disrupting the class. You can try them, but don’t get mad or be hurt if you get kicked out! hehe

All in all, if you stay in Berlin for an extended period, you will come to see any other classes you take anywhere else except Marameo as ‘supplemental.’ As in, ugh, I have to go to these tiny studio because Friday is so far away! *cry* Get thee to Marameo, and have dreams the rest of the week about being there. I look forward to the next Friday once that second class at Marameo is over!


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§ 6 Responses to Dance Studio Review: Marameo, Kreuzberg / Mitte, Berlin, Germany

  • Johanna says:

    Great post! Last time I was in Berlin was some two years ago, and I managed to take morning classes at Marameo for the entire stay. Love the huge space! Edwin Mota was teaching at the time, and although there was really no time for individual corrections (one day there were over 40 dancers), the class was lots of fun. Challenging and fast, but fun :)

  • Min says:

    Hi! I would be visiting Germany (Cologne as my base!) for a month. And I would love to continue my adult ballet classes if possible. Would appreciate if you could recommend any Germany’s ballet studios (especially in Cologne)! I tried checking out the studios through their website, but were all in German! I gave up trying to understand….

    • balletcougar says:

      Hello! I have never attended a class in Cologne, unfortunately. What you can do is use Google Translate to translate the web pages you do find. Also, use German words when you do your search. ‘ballett kurse Köln’ might be good. ‘Köln’ being ‘Cologne’ in German. And yes, their ballet is with two ‘t’s .’ They also call it ‘klassiches ballett.’ ‘tanz kurse Köln’ works too, as dance studios typically offer more than ballet so if you Google that, you’re sure to find something.

  • Lisa Marie Chrones says:

    moving to zurich soon from chicago usa – would like to please inquire about and dance studios that offer adult jazz classes

  • James says:

    Hi all! Yes, Chandana’s class is fantastic – she has a way of making quite hard things feel easy and enjoyable, and makes good use of that huge space. I hope to have more time to get back there in 2013. Greetings from Sydney and the similarly huge studios at Sydney Dance Company!

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