Colombo Dance Factory, Zurich, Switzerland

March 18, 2012 § 6 Comments

Heinrichstrasse 267
8005 Zürich
Tel 044 272 55 30

It is tricky to find so be sure to look at their map before going.

Well lucky you! You get to visit the Zurich Colombo Dance Factory‘s website AFTER the update. It was a nightmare before, there wasn’t even the schedule on it! Arrgh! Now it is all complete and navigable, yay!

Sadly, I only took two classes here since I have been quite ill for some time. I was in Zurich for a month and only took 3 dance classes. :O(

Since I was so out of shape, I took the beginner/intermediate (‘A/M,’ meaning ‘Anfanger’ [beginner] and ‘Mittelsuffe’ [intermediate] in German) class with Daniell’ Ficola on Monday evening, and another ‘A/M’ class on a Wednesday evening. I think the Wednesday teacher was a substitute though, I don’t recall her name. She was not very technically professional…it was strange!

The dance center has that urban dance center feel, which I like…reminds me of taking class at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. At Colombo Dance Factory, there is an acting, singing and dance program gearing students toward a career in show business. Much like many NYC dance centers.

Daniell’ Ficola (above)

Daniell’ Ficola’s class was very enjoyable, nothing magic but satisfactory. She is a fun, smiley and relaxed teacher. Combinations were not too complicated, so I would say the class is more beginner than intermediate. Be sure to try to be close to the studio door once the previous class lets out; her class is quite popular and therefore crowded, so try to get in to get a good place at the barre. Studio size…average. Though with so many people it feels small! If it is winter and the heaters are on, try to get on the portable barre that they drag out into the center, and not on the barres attached to the rear wall right above the HEATERS!!! It gets so hot even after pliés! hehe

The students in Daniell’s class were of similar level…most looked to be about the appropriate level for the level of class. Which can be a good and a bad thing…I like when there is at least one really more advanced student that I can learn from. Otherwise there is only the teacher to watch, and then the other students who are still working out how to do things correctly. One adult beginner ballet tip: always try to be near and follow the best student in class!

The 2nd class I took was with a red-haired teacher who I think was a substitute. It did not seem as if she had been doing ballet for a long time…she had little turnout and her feet were sickling during exercises. :/  I won’t comment really on that class as I think it was a fluke where the dance center needed a substitute fast.

Compared to the other Zurich dance studio I visited (Ballett Tanz Institute Franziska Frei), this one is the better of the two. Though in comparison to other studios I have visited around the world, it is average.


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§ 6 Responses to Colombo Dance Factory, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Karen cho says:

    Hello Jacki!
    I just started reading your blog. I am doing a trip around Europe for a month and a half. In my fourth week at the moment. I did my first adult ballet class in my second week in London. A friend of mine brought me along. Loved it. Did my second class in Berlin at the studio you recommended Pro stage with Sveto. It was almost a private class, there was only one other woman taking the class with me! Sveto was awesome and super attentive. It was only my second class after all. He was very patient.
    I am in Paris now and was wondering if you have a place you may be able to recommend for my third class. I am so excited to keep this up!
    Hopefully hear from you soon. I’m only in Paris for five days, would like to take two classes this week.


    • balletcougar says:

      sorry this reply is so late, I have been in the hospital for over a year now as things were very bad. I am recovering so now I can answer some questions! It is certainly too late, but if you are in Paris again, I recommend the Centre du Danse du Marais, yes, in the Marais. It’s an old building with creaky staircases, lovely. My favorite dance studio in the world. There are plenty of classes to choose from. You will probably take classes with the gentleman with the Italian last name, I can’t remember it off the top of my head. Lanzerrotti? I forget. Look it up, you’ll find it!

      • karen Cho says:

        I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope all goes well.
        I very much appreciate the response! It reminded me of when I was there. Indulge me as I relive a little.
        After picking up my first pair of tights, leotard and shoes from Repetto I headed to Marais!
        I actually found and went to Centre de Danse du Marais and it was the most beautiful studio! It was the summer so the windows were opened wide into the little alcove outside where people were having their afternoon coffee and a smoke. The piano played so loud and the instructor looked very wise. He pointed at me and placed me between two very talented ladies for me to follow along. I squeaked along with my new shoes and felt very self conscious, but I got over it quickly.
        I’m back in NY and haven’t taken a single class since last summer. Could you recommend a place? Preferable one easy on the wallet.
        Thanks again! So glad I found this blog.

    • balletcougar says:

      Hi Karen! hahaha another late reply, I abandoned this blog obviously! I ADORE Broadway Dance Center for the variety and quantity of classes in NYC!

  • S says:

    Please do some more blog posts! :-) :-)

  • Hi, so fun to find you and the other links to adult ballet bloggers- don’t know why it took me so long or how it happened today.. Your videos look great and i appreciate the international class info and i also began at the beloved ecole du marais, with Yves Casati back when i was 17 in 1978!! I have gathered international class information on a blog called . i will try to figure out how to share the links there. in any case.
    Thank you,
    Charlotte Harvey

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