Colombo Dance Factory, Zurich, Switzerland

March 18, 2012 § 6 Comments

Heinrichstrasse 267
8005 Zürich
Tel 044 272 55 30

It is tricky to find so be sure to look at their map before going.

Well lucky you! You get to visit the Zurich Colombo Dance Factory‘s website AFTER the update. It was a nightmare before, there wasn’t even the schedule on it! Arrgh! Now it is all complete and navigable, yay!

Sadly, I only took two classes here since I have been quite ill for some time. I was in Zurich for a month and only took 3 dance classes. :O(

Since I was so out of shape, I took the beginner/intermediate (‘A/M,’ meaning ‘Anfanger’ [beginner] and ‘Mittelsuffe’ [intermediate] in German) class with Daniell’ Ficola on Monday evening, and another ‘A/M’ class on a Wednesday evening. I think the Wednesday teacher was a substitute though, I don’t recall her name. She was not very technically professional…it was strange!

The dance center has that urban dance center feel, which I like…reminds me of taking class at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. At Colombo Dance Factory, there is an acting, singing and dance program gearing students toward a career in show business. Much like many NYC dance centers.

Daniell’ Ficola (above)

Daniell’ Ficola’s class was very enjoyable, nothing magic but satisfactory. She is a fun, smiley and relaxed teacher. Combinations were not too complicated, so I would say the class is more beginner than intermediate. Be sure to try to be close to the studio door once the previous class lets out; her class is quite popular and therefore crowded, so try to get in to get a good place at the barre. Studio size…average. Though with so many people it feels small! If it is winter and the heaters are on, try to get on the portable barre that they drag out into the center, and not on the barres attached to the rear wall right above the HEATERS!!! It gets so hot even after pliés! hehe

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