Dance Studio Review: Marameo, Kreuzberg / Mitte, Berlin, Germany

September 7, 2011 § 6 Comments

Wallstrasse 32
D – 10179 Berlin
U-Bahn: U8 Heinrich-Heine Strasse or U2 Markisches Museum

Space, the final frontier….that ballet studios in Berlin have yet to conquer. Seriously, at every dance studio in Berlin, the ‘saals’ become unpleasantly crowded once attendance reaches 15. I did not realize this until I FINALLY went to the enormous, beautiful and perfect Marameo, but in these crowded dance studios, you actually train yourself to hold back, to make your movements¬†smaller.

It is HONKIN'! I could not even get the whole studio in the photo.

I am so red and sweaty because I can actually dance at 100% at Marameo.

Want to go all out and give 100% in a small, crowded studio? Go for it, but you are going to smack someone upside the head with your jete’ entrelace’, or run into the mirror (see my review of Dock 11)

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Finally….the Homemade Flexistretcher

August 5, 2011 § 6 Comments

Oh dear dears, yes I know it took me ¬†a million years to finally post the pictures of my make-your-own-Flexistretcher! You know how it is though, if you dance you are lazy about everything…except actually going to class.

So here it is, and it works! I would even wager that it gives a better stretch than the real Flexistretcher, as mine does not have elastic pieces for extra ‘give.’ Who wants slack and give anyway? You want to crank the hell out of your leg! hahaha

All I used was:

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Ballet Photo & Video Dictionary

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

You have started your classes and are now being inundated with all these….moves…and…French words! What is a person in adult beginner ballet to do to make sense of all of it?

Here is one of the most handy-dandy resources I have ever found online. It is a wonderful photo and video ballet dictionary put together by the wonderful American Ballet Theater. Want to see how a certain movement or pose that you are having trouble with is done correctly, by a professional ballet dancer?

American Ballet Theatre’s Ballet Dictionary

A dictionary of videos of ballet moves! And the descriptions help a lot too.

I know if I keep watching that jete’ entrelace’ video over and over I will finally get it!

Photos of Balletcougar, March 2010:

February 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

These photos are from the rehearsals and performances at San Francisco’ Cowell Theatre on March 20 & 21, 2010. Our group performed a neoclassical piece to Bach and a classical piece to Masquerade.

All of us are dancers who started ballet as adults. Of course we are not perfect and made plenty of mistakes, but we were still happy with our effort since both pieces were very challenging.

This was my 2nd performance on a real stage. If I can do it after only 6 years dancing and a lung transplant, you can too…given you live in a place where there is an opportunity for adults to perform. Like in San Francisco with Kathy Mata!

Neoclassical, Bach

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